Friday, 11 May 2012

A60 Celica

The third-generation Toyota Celica represents all that was brutal about eighties design: folded-paper angles, shovel-nosed poise, slanty tail-lights that look like an aggressive squint and, in this model variant, a belligerently difficult-to-pigeonhole form that's part coupé, part saloon. The pop-up headlights and chunky arch extensions are wonderful stylistic flourishes that, in the case of the former, would never pass today's safety legislation. It's an angry little wedge with the underpinnings of a reliable, sensible family car; a bit of a forgotten classic, really.
The one we see here, unearthed by Stanceworks, capitalises on this aggressive form by taking a significant amount of sky out of the arches and filling them with wide Epsilon Southern Way mesh alloys. There's a single-turbo 1JZ-GTE under the bonnet, providing 300bhp at the wheels. It's a beautiful shade of blue, too. All in all, quite a surprising and unexpected build. Now, see if you can find one for sale...
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