Monday, 14 May 2012

'77 Rabbit Turbo

The Volkswagen scene is so huge and diverse, and filled with so many enthusiastic characters, that it's difficult to be unique. One way to mark oneself out is to be in possession of a coveted and rare period mod, as we find with this 1977 Rabbit - it has a new-old-stock Callaway turbo kit fitted, as would have been available on the seventies US aftermarket.
When people see the car at shows and enquire as to what's under the bonnet, the natural response upon hearing that it's turbocharged would be to assume that it's received a modern 1.8T transplant; after all, the relative simplicty (ish) of the conversion and the huge power gains yielded have made it a ubiquitous option. However, the kudos of having boosted the original 1.6-litre engine with a period Rotomaster T04B turbo is unmatchable. With fresh Mars Red paint, a five-speed gearbox upgrade and a gentle drop over BBS RMs, it fits the classic Golf aesthetic while hiding its little secret away, ready to reveal itself at the traffic lights.
This is an ongoing project, too - rumour has it that the Rabbit is now wearing a set of BBS E76s to fit more closely with the late-seventies look. What will come next - rear-window louvres and velour seat covers?
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