Wednesday, 2 May 2012

'72 Bronco

The original Ford Bronco was designed as a natural rival to the likes of the Jeep CJ and the International Harvester Scout; that is to say, rugged, durable, and competent off-road. Of course, with a production run from 1966-77, the youngest of these first-gen machines is now thirty-five years old. So, they've probably earned a little respite from their harsh endeavours now, right?
Well, this 1972 example has certainly caught a lucky break. Restored and customised by the über-talented Kindig-It Design, it features such luxuries as leather seats, deep-pile carpets, a colour-coded rollcage, and (probably uniquely for a '72) arrow-straight bodywork. The jacked-up ride height suggests a latent keenness for fording streams and scaling mountains, but this Bronco has earned its pampering. Wears it well, doesn't it?

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