Friday, 25 May 2012

'61 Oldsmobile Starfire

This '61 Starfire is a shimmering vision in Candy Apple Red. Under the bonnet is a chrome-laden 394ci Oldsmobile V8, creating more than enough rumbling aggression to keep this low-slung convertible cruising California's sun-baked asphalt. The fabric roof has been artfully chopped, and lowering it allows the world to admire the custom-trimmed leatherette interior, resplendent in gleaming white and yet more chrome. Both the nose and tail have received unusual, unique treatments; the former incorporates a modified '59 Chrysler Imperial grille with Lucas headlights, while the latter sports '62 Imperial tail-light housings turned sideways and mated to '59 Cadillac lenses. These kind of custom touches abound; the boot is as plushly trimmed as the interior, the floor is swathed in Rolls-Royce Wilton carpet, the House of Kolor paint has a deep metalflake glint, the ride height is taken care of by airbags. A sixties cruiser as sixties cruisers should be in 2012.
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Crystal Clear Headlights said...

They did a perfect work with this. I would love to take a ride with it one day.

Alley Walker said...

Nice to see it in this luxurious condition. I can,t believe how you care it. Its really looks like a new one. I love this car so much. Good work done on this blog, its really very awesome. However if you want to check the Vin of your car so side a look on Oldsmobile VIN Decoder.