Monday, 23 April 2012

Static Ibiza

This generation of SEAT Ibiza is generally absent from the modifying scene; seen here in 2001 guise, this is the last of a number of facelifts on the mkII that had been limping on since 1993. It's actually not a bad car, though - it's basically a VW Polo underneath, which puts it a world ahead of the first-gen Ibiza, which was a little, er, brittle.
But what we're really looking at with this car is the stance. Sitting low and largely flush on 8.25"x17"s, this isn't on 'bags - it's static low: it runs at this height all the time. The scrubbed shoulders and battle-scarred sump are testament to the hardcore nature of the static scene - treat everything beneath your car as a consumable, and win the admiration of your peers. Looks mean, doesn't it?
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