Friday, 20 April 2012

Retro Power Sunbeam

As ideas go, the Lotus Sunbeam was a pretty bloody good one. In order to inject a bit of hot hatch excitement into the staid Talbot Sunbeam range, Lotus were commissioned to develop a rally iteration and a homologation road car. A rear-wheel drive hatchback with a relatively short wheelbase is a strong start, into which Lotus shoehorned their 2.2-litre 16v slant-four, a more robust gearbox and, of course, their chassis-tweaking know-how. The road-going Lotus Sunbeam had 150bhp, while the rally car had 250bhp.
This particular example has just received a typically thorough rebuild from the enthusiasts at Retro Power. It looks showroom-fresh, doesn't it? Click here and take a look at all of the work they put in...

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