Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Power Engineering multi-scene Fiesta

OK, I need you to cast your mind back to two recent SuckSqueezeBangBlow posts; firstly, this pristine trackday mkII Fiesta and secondly, this multi-scene Polo. You'll recognise a few of elements of that Polo here - the bolt-on arches, wide Wellers, satin paint and detail sticker-bombing - as well as a few disparate other styles; the rat bonnet, the nineties drainpipe exhaust, the weight-saving drilled bumper that's pure motorsport. But this is more than just a showpiece; stir in the ethos of the aforementioned XR2 - i.e. a keen focus on performance - and we arrive at an intriguing under-bonnet answer: a 200bhp n/a Zetec, courtesy of renowned tuners Power Engineering.
90% of you won't like this at all. But the 10% that do will really, really like it.
Pics via RR.