Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Pit Road Sunnys

670kg. 160bhp. 238bhp/tonne. These are the sort of figures you want from a classic race car.
These B310 Nissan Sunnys are the meisterwerk of renowned Sunny tuners Pit Road. The magic flows from the 1303cc nat-asp four-pots, which have been reworked beyond all recognition to produce such impressive power; the 1979 car (no.22) has a ported & polished head, titanium valves, race cams, forged pistons, enlarged oil journals, the works - all fed by twin-48 Webers via a Tomei intake manifold. The '74 is equally spicy. Behind no.22's wide, slick-shod Watanabes reside Nissan President brakes, the rear axle houses an AE86 LSD, and stance is taken care of by race-spec coilovers. Inside is a 12-point cage, bucket 'n' harness, fire extinguisher, and not a lot else. Again, the '74 is similarly purposeful. This, in essence, is how old Nissans should be: period-styled, aggressive, and ready to race.
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