Thursday, 19 April 2012

Pan-scene Bug

A number of classic and contemporary elements from a diverse range of scenes are incorporated into this ol' Beetle. The wheels, camber and stance are pure air-cooled chic, the rope and bullbars dip into both rat and Deep South, the dreamcatcher's from the sixties, the beaded seat cover's from the eighties, the moulded fibreglass parcel-shelf harks back to the nineties, the kerb feelers are informed by both hot-rod and bōsōzoku, the (entirely useless) rollbar hints wryly at motorsport, while the sticker-bombing nods to stance/JDM/USDM/etc. As much as modifying scenes offer communities and aesthetics to be admired and aspired to, isn't it nice to go your own way...?
Via Canibeat.

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