Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Multi-scene Polo

Well, you'll either like this or you'll hate it. Featuring a number of diverse elements from various different scenes - VAG, bōsō, retro, the tiniest smidge of nu-rat - it smooshes them all together to create a polarising mkII Polo that oozes character. The upswept bōsōzoku exhaust waves two fingers at the MOT man, while the Beano-plastered doorcards echo the interiors of countless American hot-rods; the matt grey paint takes the current enthusiasm for non-shiny shades and offers something different to black or NATO green. The merest soupçon of sticker-bombing - confined to just the filler cap - casts a wry sideways glance at the retro scene, and the roof-rack (an addition often criticised for being a bauble too far) is actually being used to carry something. So, what do you reckon?
More here and here.

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