Wednesday, 18 April 2012


SuckSqueezeBangBlow drives a SEAT León. And if SuckSqueezeBangBlow had any money, that León would probably look something like this one.

Things that this example has that appear on my wishlist include:
- OEM+1 rims (I was having thoughts about Porsche Boxster wheels, but these Land Rover ones work very well too)
- smoothed boot (this may not sound like a big deal, but bear in mind that the SEAT badge on the León doubles as a handle and locking mechanism, so is a bugger to rework)
- fruity exhaust (I'm on the case with this one - my Milltek system is on order...)
- Evo 6 Recaros (had never actually been on my list, but bloody well are now)
- aggressive stance via coilovers (the subject of much debate in the SSBB household - there are a lot of speedbumps in our neck of the woods)
See Fast Car for more info, as well as an explanation for the random farmer/tractor motif.

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