Monday, 23 April 2012

Lamborghini Urus

Bentley's SUV concept caused a lot of consternation recently (brand dilution, Asian markets solely in crosshairs, blah blah), so it's interesting how the motoring world has pretty much universally embraced the Lamborghini Urus. There are two key reasons for this: one, Lamborghini have form in this area - remember the bonkers Countach-powered LM002? - and two, the Urus is quintessentially Lamborghini-like in design and ethos: it looks like a Reventón on stilts, and eases happily into the model line-up. Yes, it's insane and is wilfully jarring, but that's very much the Sant'Agata way. Couple this with a 600bhp twin-turbo V8 and clever suspension that hunkers down at speed, and it becomes apparent that this is more than a marketing exercise. Indeed, expectations are that Urus sales will pretty quickly equate to combined Aventador and Gallardo sales twice over, so this notion of chasing Chinese money is a strong one - it both secures the brand and helps fund future development. Everybody wins.
Innovative weight-saving materials keep the leviathan true to core Lambo values, and just take a look at that glorious interior - it's like an eighties concept hypercar on acid. The only real downside here is that Lamborghini reckon it'll be 2017 at the earliest before it's actually in the showrooms. Given the development of potential rivals, that may be a little late...

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