Thursday, 5 April 2012

Derek Bell Signature Edition 962

There's something deliciously naughty about a road-legal race car, isn't there? The Porsche 962 Derek Bell Signature Edition is the sort of obscene car that you could have all kinds of fun with on Southend seafront on a Saturday night; you'd run the risk of a lot of people mistaking it for a kit car, but you'd be too intoxicated by petrol vapour to care.
As you can see by the plaque below, this car is chassis no.00; a prototype for a mooted run of road-legal 962s that never came to fruition. It cost around $2m to develop, around a Fabcar monocoque; power came not from the 2.8-litre flat-six of the 962 race cars, but a 993 GT2 engine. That'll be 580bhp to you, sir.
It's fitted with hydraulically adjustable Konis - perfect for hopping speed bumps or getting up steep driveways - while driver comforts extend to leather seats, air-con, parking sensors and a driver/passenger intercom. Hey, it'll be noisy in there. And, of course, it's still a race car at heart, so there are air jacks and a plumbed-in fire extinguisher too. A hairy-chested gentleman's runabout, and no mistake.
(The car was recently for sale by Specialist Cars of Malton - hence the watermarks - although presumably they've since sold it...)

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