Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Countach Fuel-Injection Prototype

If you were born in the eighties, you had one of these on your wall. Its outrageously aggressive styling, monstrous rear tyres, weirdly square dash and general demeanour of shoutiness still captivate you.
...and this Countach is no ordinary Countach. No, I'm not referring to the federal bumpers; this was the prototype used to test fuel injection on the mighty V12, as an exercise to pass American EPA tests. (Of course, Lamborghini then went on to sell cars equipped with good ol' carbs, because that was the very heart of the 5.0-litre powerhouse.) Despite its prototype history, this is no fragile museum piece - it's almost entirely standard Countach, with a reliable Bosch K-Jetronic system plumbed in. Go on, borrow $340k from somewhere and grab yourself a slice of Sant'Agata history - click here.

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