Tuesday, 3 April 2012

'69 Road Rattler

It's the mark of a truly dedicated SEMA build that you're not entirely sure whether it's real or just some deranged and physically improbable rendering. This 1969 Plymouth Road Runner - dubbed Road Rattler by its builder - combines both of these possibilities: it is both deranged and real.
Beneath the artfully vented bonnet lurks a 528ci Hemi with EFI, offering a muscular 770bhp and 700lb.ft, although if that's not always enough there's a 500bhp-shot of nitrous oxide to call on. Y'know, just for emergencies. The reason for the cluster of gearsticks is that there's a Lenco drag transmission under there; each gear has its own dedicated lever. To keep things true there's bespoke IRS, acres of rubber - 295/45ZR20s on the rear - and dinner-plate brakes, proving that this isn't just a trailer queen. Helping it to cut a dash in the aesthetic department is a roof chop (with, in fact, a Chevy Impala roof grafted on), a significantly lengthened wheelbase and all kinds of carbon-fibre panels, while the interior benefits from one-off carbon-fibre seats and a Racepak digital dash. Want further proof that this was built for go as much as show? Check out the white nipples under each corner: they're air jacks. All in all, a pretty staggering build.
Via Hot Rod Magazine.

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