Friday, 2 March 2012

Streetracer mkII Golf

Years and years ago, a friend of mine used to have a mkII Golf GTI 16v. It was the first properly quick car anyone in our circle of friends had, and we were constantly amazed at its ability to brake later and corner flatter than anything we'd experienced before; it thrived on revs and would do 100mph in 3rd gear - halcyon days of hot hatch tomfoolery.
It's hardly a surprise that so many mkII GTIs still exist today, and we're seeing an increasing number of them receiving this kind of streetracer treatment. You can see from the interior shots that his pristine example sports Cobra buckets and harnesses, a rollcage, and a raft of serious-looking gauges in the custom dash. It sits lower and stiffer thanks to FK coilovers, with a set of gorgeous BBS E50 splits hiding big discs all round. The shaved and smoothed body wears a few coats Porsche Sport Classic Grey... oh yes, and there's a VR6 engine in there, just for fun.
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