Thursday, 29 March 2012

Retro Power XR2

Forget your 'if it's not RWD, it's not a classic Ford' prejudices - the mkII Fiesta was launched in 1983, which makes it old enough in my book. The example you see here is from 1988, so it's still more than old enough to buy its own booze and get into trouble, and as you can see, Retro Power have prepared it as a track car in period style. Rather than giving in to the temptation to fit bigger wheels (and thus bigger brakes), they've stuck with the standard XR2 Pepperpots with some sticky rubber. Under the bonnet we see the finned rocker cover of Ford's Motorsport division - seen elsewhere on the Escort RS1600i - while the interior features a multipoint cage, helmet nets, harnesses, and not a lot else. The Nürburgring graphics hint at the car's intended purpose, and the really impressive thing is how standard it looks from the outside: a wonderful slice of eighties hot hatch boisterousness.
Actually, no, the really impressive thing is what a stellar job Retro Power have made of the build. But we expect that from them...
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