Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Gumpert Apollo Enraged

It's got a face only a mother could love and its backside is riddled with carbuncles. Yes, the Gumpert Apollo is the supercar we all hate to love - devastatingly effective, yet always leaving you with the feeling that it should be living under a bridge.
So when the brains at Gumpert decided to turn the wick up on the Apollo, it really wouldn't have worked unless they'd given it an appropriately furious anthropomorphised handle, hence why we're now looking at the Apollo Enraged. It's got 780bhp and weighs just 1,175kg, which is thrustful enough to turn your kidneys to pâté under acceleration, while those monstrous race brakes will make your eyes bleed as your shear the speed off again. It's got full race car aero addenda, carbon-fibre everything, harnesses to stop you escaping in terror, and it says 'PURE GERMAN SPEED' on it. Crikey. And it's road-legal too...
Pics via Top Gear

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