Thursday, 10 October 2013

Ferrari SP12 EC

Words & photos - Daniel Bevis

The Ferrari SP12 EC is something rather special. The car is a one-off, commissioned by Eric Clapton - the name, with flawless logic, stands for 'Special Project 12, Eric Clapton' - who reportedly spent £3,000,000 making this Ferrari 458 Italia a little more 512BB-like. Apparently his initial request to replace the V8 with a V12 was rejected by Ferrari as unworkable, but as a unique styling exercise you really can't fault the results. The rear end is particularly beautiful, with its broad stretch and old-school two-tone scheme, while the slatted nose and bonnet vents are pure nineteen-seventies chic.
Designed by Centro Stile in Maranello, in association with Pininfarina, the '12' in the name represents its status as the twelfth car built under the bespoke scheme of Ferrari's Portfolio Program; the first was the SP1, based on an F430, and Ferrari have since worked with likes of Zagato, Pininfarina and Fioravanti to cater to the whims of their most revered clients.

The SP12 EC has been prolific on the show circuit this year. These moist snaps were captured at the St. James's Concours - click here for more.

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