Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Concours S2 RS Turbo

The owner of this minty-fresh series 2 RS Turbo describes his endeavours as 'a tidy up', which rather undersells the spectacular attention to detail he's paid. Having purchased the Escort from a chap in his sixties who'd owned it from new, he found it to be 100% factory standard - a book full of dealer stamps and MOTs, Ford mudflaps and overmats, and even the original dealer plates and tax disc holder were all present. It's not often you find that sort of history, so he took it upon himself to treat the car to a full-on concours refresh. (The eagle-eyed will have spotted the non-standard exhaust and springs he's added, but of course the originals were retained and can be easily replaced!) You can see the full details here and here.

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