Thursday, 1 March 2012

Alfasud Sprint 6C

Imagine if Alfa Romeo had joined in with the insane arms race of Group B rallying - what kind of madness could they have concocted to take the fight to the 6R4, RS200 et al? Well, these photos are a clue.
The Alfasud Sprint 6C never got further than being a great idea, which is a shame for all of us. However, one road car was knocked together, and that's what we have here - a homologation special for a race car that never was. The engine and drivetrain you see mid-mounted were lifted wholesale from the GTV6; a 2.5-litre V6 and transaxle were shoehorned in by in-house tuners Autodelta, with the silhouette muscled-up accordingly. Sadly, as with so many rally projects, the series was cancelled before development of the car finished, so this is far as things got. How different it all could have been...
Via Motoring Con Brio

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