Tuesday, 27 March 2012

911 4-door

The Porsche Panamera is a polarising beast. Some argue that it's a further unnecessary brand dilution beyond the Cayenne, pandering to the wealthy rather than focusing on sporting purity. Others counter that it's a technological tour de force, and further proof that the marque can turn any silhouette into a sports car, regardless of heft or girth. One thing the Panamera categorically isn't, though, is a four-door 911.

...but this is. Porsche built two prototypes in 1969 to test the possibilities of a more-door 911, elongating the chassis and adding an extra set of heavily reworked front doors behind the standard ones. However, the one we see here isn't one of the factory efforts, but rather a one-off car commissioned by William J. Dick, Jr., part-owner of the San Antonio, Texas distributorship, Porsche Cars Southwest. It was designed by Chuck Pelly and built by Troutman-Barnes of Los Angeles, basing the model on a 911S.
You can learn more here, and in this book.

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