Friday, 30 March 2012

'51 Ford Convertible

The '49 Ford was a landmark model for the brand, representing the step-change in post-war car styling and construction; its ladder chassis, coil suspension and integrated steel structure heralded safety as well as driver engagement. The 1951 update outsold Chevrolet's offerings by almost 10%, thanks to the all-new Ford-o-Matic transmission and turn-key ignition.
The '51 Ford we see here is a thoroughly modern reworking of the classic formula, epitomising the custom rodder aesthetic with plenty of new-fangled developments beneath the skin. A gentle nip-and-tuck to the wings slims down the silhouette without the need for aggressive sectioning, while chopping the convertible hood & pillars and extending the doors a few inches creates a more streamlined dynamic. Behind those classically-styled 18"x7" rims hide four-wheel disc brakes and air-ride suspension, and modern climate control and stereo gizmos are concealed within the sumptuously appointed interior. Under the bonnet is, of course, a V8 - a 351ci Cleveland with MSD ignition and electronic fuel injection, the throttle bodies crafted to resemble the Weber throats of Ford's period race engines.
A post-war dandy with 21st-century attitude, and probably the most beautifully-executed car you'll see today - click here for more.

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