Friday, 3 February 2012

Wide-body Supra

If I had a mkIV Supra, I'd have real trouble deciding what to do about the spoiler. I love the absurd massiveness of the factory wing but, as these pics demonstrate, they look so good without them.
As a whole, this Toyota represents quite a departure from the usual Japanese treatment; it's low, but not crazy low, and the idea of an ostentatious bodykit has been foregone in favour of preserving the coupé's classic lines.
...although those classic lines aren't what they seem. The owner spent eight months hand-fabricating wider wings, to echo the original lines but give the Supra a lot more girth - those wheels look right at home in the arches, but they measure 9.5x19" at the front and a whopping 10.5x19" at the rear. Simultaneously subtle, and not actually subtle at all. Clever.
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