Tuesday, 28 February 2012

WCC '72 Buick

I love West Coast Customs. If you're only aware of their work via Pimp My Ride, you may see them as clownish types who want to cram every car that comes through the doors with as many TVs and subwoofers as possible, but this isn't the case at all. Indeed, the slightly clunkily-named Custom My Ride (aka Street Customs in the US) showcases a professional, efficient team of experts crafting world-class customs at a headspinning rate. They're bloody good at what they do, and it seems to take them no time at all to do it.

Behold this '72 Buick as a fine example of their work: beefed-up powertrain, pristine bodywork, impeccable interior... their signature move is taking classics like this and making them look brand new - a fusion of retro styling and modern technology & trends. They're also masters of the modernised classic; if you want an old-school Chevelle body on a modern Camaro chassis, or a seventies Charger on a noughties Charger platform, they're your lads. Fancy turning your Merc S-Class into a 2-door coupé or fitting steel rally arches to your Range Rover? Yep, they can do that too.
Click here to learn more. It'll blow your mind.

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