Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Alfaholics Spider-R

As the catchy old saying goes, 'if you want a retro Alfa converted into an exquisitely detailed trackday toy, you need to talk to someone who knows their stuff'.
OK, that isn't a saying. But if it was, the company in question would be Alfaholics - just look at the spectacular job they've made of this S2 Spider.
Significantly stiffened and strengthened (to a brief that dictated that no rollcage bars would be visible above the door line, to keep it looking as externally stock as possible), within the transformed chassis resides power from a 216bhp twin-spark twin-cam with race valvegear, forged pistons and twin-45 Webers. There's a foam-filled fuel tank in the boot, adjustable suspension, six-pot brakes, a plumbed-in extinguisher system, quilted leather buckets... a quality build through-and-through, and a worthy freshen-up for a car that's been with its owner for many years. It's an unlikely base car for a track tool, but it's just sublime, isn't it? Honestly wouldn't change a thing.
You can see the full build details here.
Photos by SuckSqueezeBangBlow at the Goodwood Breakfast Club, May 2013.

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