Monday, 6 February 2012

TRA Kyoto Civic

This Honda belongs to Kei Miura, the founder of TRA Kyoto, who you may be familiar with via their various sub-brands; Rocket Bunny, 6666 Customs, Number 6 - click here to learn about them (but beware of the NSFW content!). Miura is old-school bōsōzoku, with a naughty history of running unlicensed bikes and terrorising Kyoto with home-tuned racer Hondas. This culture bleeds into his newly reputable existence as Mr TRA Kyoto, and his EF Civic is a showcase of his passion and heritage: period-correct graphics, window nets (which you'd need, of course, if you were driving without license plates to obscure your identity a little), a beautifully retro set of 14" Mugen CF-48s on sticky trackday tyres, spine-juddering Cusco suspension and a screaming B16 VTEC. The interior is purely functional - one seat, hefty rollcage, heatshielding in place of carpet. A hardcore slice of Japanese tuner history, this.
Via Speedhunters.

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