Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Super Speed Escort

Words & photos - Daniel Bevis

In classic Escort circles, there are a lot of rarities and curios to fill your Top Trumps list; Harriers, Crayfords, Nimbuses, Linnets... the more obsessively you dig, the more you learn. The Super Speed Escort is one which, if you happened across an example today, you might think was just a regular mkI with an unusual and somewhat theatrical eyemask. But the Super Speed is pretty much as rare as they come: starting in period with a rare-in-itself Twin-Cam as a base, the aftermarket tuner fitted an Essex 3.0-litre V6 and a ZF five-speed 'box. In its day it offered something a little offbeat for Ford fans who were more interested in rumbling torque than screaming revs, along with the superior Type 49 shell; today it offers rarity, kudos and scene points in abundance. And, of course, the occasional knowing nod from somebody who recognises what it is...

Spotted in the car park at the 2013 Goodwood Revival - click here for more photos.


Wrinklie Superspeed Fan said...

I was the original owner of FLC681J. Have you any way of letting present owner (Nik Davis I think)know that I am interested in comparing notes. The car has changed significantly since I owned it

juice said...

Hi Graham,
Unfortunately I don't have any contact details - I spotted the car in the car park at the Goodwood Revival, and no owner was in sight. Sorry! I'll keep an eye out for it on the show season this year...

Ollie Ford said...

Hi Daniel / Graham,

My father rebuilt FLC 681J during the 90's after purchasing it from Cornwall where it had seen the worst of the sea air! Mike Young (Superspeed) was unable to identify the original stripe colour, as he'd lost the book detailing build specification, so we chose maroon. Would love to know the original colour?! Other than that, the car was rebuilt using as much of the original shell as possible, including the panel beaten transmission tunnel and original engine mounts (off the chassis rails). We sold the car in the mid 2000s and believe the car remains in good hands back in Cornwall.

All the best,