Thursday, 23 February 2012

Sleeper Nova

At first glance, this '72 Chevy Nova doesn't look all that scary. In fact, it looks just like any number of beaten and well-used Novas that exist across the States, casually lumbering on through their simple and uncluttered lives. But appearances can deceive. This Nova - and I'll give you a moment to drink this in - has 1,160bhp at the wheels.

Seriously, it does. A lot of effort and ingenuity has gone into ensuring that as few clues as possible are given from first appearances; the rollcage follows the roof and pillars ever-so closely, the liquid-to-air intercoolers are hidden inside the front wings, the Powerglide transmission is controlled by the horn button on the steering wheel. The twin-supercharged all-aluminium V8 creates 825lb.ft of torque, fed by an 'octane on demand' system that employs twin fuel tanks - one for pump fuel, one for race fuel, running through separate injectors - while the 40 year-old chassis has been comprehensively beefed up with chrome-moly tubing. You'd never know it from the outside, though...
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