Friday, 24 February 2012

RWD Fiesta Zetec

The mkI Fiesta is widely regarded as a proper classic Ford now; something that couldn't be said a couple of years ago, particularly by the enthusiasts who believe that the switch to 'wrong-wheel drive' should be the cut-off point. But two factors are easing the Fiesta into the old-school consciousness; firstly, the mkI is 36 years old now, so is sufficiently aged to be a classic in anyone's books, while also offering a cheapish entry into the retro Ford world for young drivers. Secondly, as you can see here, it is possible to make a Fiesta rear-wheel drive...
This particular example employs a four-linked rear axle from a mkII Escort, with a Capri transmission tunnel housing the associated gubbins; power comes from a longitudinally-mounted 2.0-litre Zetec on twin-45s, sitting on a Capri crossmember.
Of course, standard FWD Fiestas are a lot of fun... but home-brew conversions like this just add another level of madness, don't they?
Via Speedhunters

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