Thursday, 23 February 2012

Orion RS1800

The Ford Orion is something of a forgotten classic. In its day, it was sidelined as a less-interesting variant of the mkIII/IV Escort (which it was a saloon version of), being a functional family vehicle rather than anything exciting or aspirational; aside from the cult-classic 1.6i Ghia, there was no fancy Orion to quicken pulses, and there was nothing in the XR/RS area at all.
Of course, that didn't stop people building their own go-faster models, and they're still doing so today - although with the total remaining number of Orions being around 1,000, it's not a common thing by any means.

This particular Orion started life as a 1989 1.3 GL. It's now powered by the 130bhp 1.8-litre engine from a Fiesta RS1800, along with RS Turbo gearbox and brakes. The interior is stripped for track use (and, interestingly, polished throughout), with Recaro seats, RS steering wheel and a flocked dash. The suspension has been wound down to something far more logical, and the wheels are 8x16" Compomotive THs. A Sierra Sapphire RS Cosworth boot spoiler completes the look - just an old Orion to the untrained eye, but something rare and special to those in the know.
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