Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Onevia: form & function

The Onevia is the opposite to the Sileighty; the latter is a 180SX with a Silvia front end while the former, as we see here, is a Silvia with a 180SX nose.
The aesthetic tweaking of this particular S13 Onevia goes beyond facial surgery; the Nissan sits low on K-Sport coilovers over wide, 18" Volk TE37s, perfectly colour-coded to the rollcage and engine bay. This is a quality ground-up build, with every nut and bolt throughout the car being renewed, a wide variety of hidden parts powder-coated and pretty much everything honed to better-than-new specifications.
...but it's not just about appearances. Under the bonnet resides a wealth of tuning goodies, including Brian Crower cams, Wiseco pistons, HKS induction, 800cc injectors and a vast intercooler, all of which winds peak power up to 430bhp at the wheels.
The Bride seats and Nardi wheel within make for a pleasant place to sit and appreciate the quality and beauty that pervades the car. And then to unleash the fury and pelt for the horizon...
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