Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Maritime Evo VIII

The Mitsubishi Evo VIII, as with all models in the Evo series, is a riot of acronyms and brand names; ACD5, Super AYC, LSD (front & rear), Bilstein, Brembo, BBS... and the 'FQ' prefix in the hottest variants - FQ300, FQ320, FQ340, and FQ400 - is rumoured to stand for 'Fucking Quick'. Seriously.
'Maritime' here refers to the colour of this particular Evo VIII, a searing blue Porsche shade that emphasises the unashamed, in-your-face nature of the car: carbon-fibre canards and splitters, a nest-of-vipers AMS exhaust manifold visible through the bonnet vent, lightweight SSR split-rims - it's a vicious Shuto Expressway street-racer, with room for the kids in the back and a bootful of shopping. Winner all round.
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