Thursday, 16 February 2012

Kia Track'ster

You may have noticed how impressively South Korea's auto manufacturers have upped their game of late. SuckSqueezeBangBlow had a poke around the brilliantly asymmetric Hyundai Veloster a few months ago, and now look what's happened: Kia have made a focused, sporty, track-biased, er, thing. The Track'ster (see, the clue's in the name) is a pumped-up Soul on steroids, sitting on 19" rims that hide 14" (!) brakes; there's a 2.0-litre turbo up front offering 250bhp, sending power via a six-speed 'box to an all-wheel drive system. The back seats have been junked to make space for somewhere to keep your helmet and spanners, while the chassis set-up is supposed to be enthusiastically hardcore.

They're not actually putting it into production, of course. Who would buy it? But it's a great sign of things to come...

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