Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Future Insight

The Honda Insight has already won quite a victory over other hybrids (OK, let's not beat around the bush - I'm talking about the Prius) in that it seems cool and interesting, rather than preachy, bossy and, well, pious. Another area in which it shines is that it can roll into a car show with a set of scene-led modifications and retain credibility, a feat which is near-impossible for a Prius.
See, here, how the Insight wears Volk TE37 alloys, a carbon-fibre roof, a snarling centre-exit exhaust, a substantial rear spoiler and air-ride, and fits right in with its peers. If this is the future of hybrids, I don't think we have anything at all to worry about.
Via Stance:Nation

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