Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Ford Probe I Concept

To the average Brit, the name 'Ford Probe' conjurs images of an uninspiring mid-nineties coupé with a lot of Mazda thrown in. The name 'Gareth Cheeseman' may crop up. But the Probe name was used by Ford with far grander purpose in mind as long ago as 1979. The Probe I concept you see here sought to reinvigorate the American consumer in a decade mired in debt and energy crises, by offering a modern interpretation of the American Dream Car. Penned by Carrozzeria Ghia, it looked like a freaky spaceship, yet housed all that America knew and loved from the days before the oil panic: power and luxury. Under the bonnet sat the all new Mustang Cobra Turbo engine, while the interior was spacious, airy and plush. In addition, those aerodynamic curves, with a drag coefficient of just 0.22, meant that it was super-efficient.
All things to all men? Hmm. Should've built it then, shouldn't they?
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