Friday, 24 February 2012

EG Drag Civic

Front-wheel drive drag cars look brilliantly ridiculous. With a traditional RWD strip special, it's natural and normal to see vast, extravagant rubber at the rear, but fitting that kind of rolling stock under the front arches just looks bonkers.
This EG Civic is single-minded of purpose, built solely for rapid launches and quarter-mile pounces. Its B20B VTEC has a cartoonishly large turbo and a shorty exhaust, as well as a 100-shot nitrous setup, while the combination of Quaife LSD and massive Mickey Thompson slicks gets the power down effectively.
You may have noticed the absence of rollcage, or indeed any kind of safety equipment. Well, you see, this Honda was built for illegal street dragging... they don't have any rules to adhere to. Apart from the unspoken rule about not driving like a bitch.
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