Thursday, 2 February 2012

Double Trouble Hot Rod

The US Hot Rod scene is a diverse and exciting place, filled with rumbling V8s, shiny chrome and a whole lot of tyresmoke. But after decade upon decade of modifying, showing and racing, are there really any new ideas these days...?

Of course there are. Technology in the automotive sector develops at a staggering rate, so your rod has access to ever-more impressive tyre tech, suspension set-ups, clever transmissions and so forth. But if you really want to shake up the scene, how about wanging in a whole extra engine?
What we see here, the Double Trouble Hot Rod, is based on a 1927 Ford Model T Roadster, although there's not a huge amount of that left. It's got a custom-built tube chassis and a fibreglass body, and yes, you've already spotted it: two V8s up front. They're both supercharged Ford 4.6-litre units, giving a combined total of around 1,000bhp. So, it's fifty times more powerful than it was when it rolled out of Highland Park eighty-five years ago. That's progress for you.
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