Thursday, 9 February 2012

Chinese mkII Golf GTI

Modified Chinese cars are tricky to come across online. Whether it's the Great Firewall of China ringfencing the content or the fact that bloggers are heartily discouraged from sharing their works with the wider world, we can't be sure; what we do know, from the occasional photos that slip through the net, is that the modifying scene is just as vibrant and diverse over there as it is anywhere else in the world.

Take this mkII Golf GTI. We can see from the photos that a number of European influences have migrated eastwards, from the polished BBS rims, aggressive stance, bonnet bra and clean, fresh treatment of the classic lines. The subtle 'GTI 20V' badging suggests a 1.8T or V5 under the bonnet too. But this is mere speculation - these photos were sourced from a blog with very little content, and no text beyond lorem ipsum placeholders. Mysterious, huh?

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