Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Charger Stance

The Charger name has inhabited a variety of different strata of the Dodge line-up over the years, from iconic muscle car, through sub-compact hatchback, to the premium four-door saloon it is today. But one thing has remained constant throughout: people have always been turning up the power wick and using Chargers to apply thick, black, bubbling number-elevens to the asphalt. The modern SRT is particularly good at this, thanks to its 370ci (6.1-litre) Hemi V8. And this example, owned by the founder of Stance:Nation, has - as you might expect - had a lot of attention paid to how it sits; coilovers wind it super-low over 22" DPE SP-SC5 alloys, and the arches have been comprehensively fettled to ensure that it can sit this low all the time, while still being able to actively deploy all 425 of those rampant Detroit horses. Impressive.
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