Sunday, 12 February 2012


As VW Caddys go, this is the big one.
With a project involving as much bespoke design and custom craftsmanship as this one, the choice of base car arguably doesn't matter all that much, so it's pretty neat to see an underdog like the Caddy converted into a ballistic racer of this magnitude. Consider the most radical of the alterations: the drive is shifted from the front wheels to the rear. The engine no longer resides beneath the bonnet, but is mid-mounted. It's an entirely different engine too, being a turbocharged Volvo five-pot. The interior now sports just the one seat, mounted centrally, McLaren F1-style. And then there's the unique subframes and suspension, the 19" split-rims, the 8-pot brakes, the hydraulic handbrake, the drive-by-wire system, the custom steel-fabricated bodywork... you'll never look at the humble Caddy the same way again.
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Matt said...

OMG! Unique design and project!