Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Bolwell Nagari

The Bolwell Nagari was a smiley-faced sports car produced in Australia between 1970-74. Don't worry too much if you've never heard of it before - they only built a hundred of them, plus eighteen roadsters. As you might imagine, these fibreglass creations are pretty scarce these days.
The spartan coupé weighed in at just 925kg; with a 351 Cleveland V8 in the nose producing 290bhp, they were pretty lively. Yes, they may seem a little kit car-ish (that is effectively what they were, after all), but the quality existed in the details: Lotus-inspired chassis, Aston Martin DBS tail-lights and, of course, that rumbling Ford engine.
Now... name me another 1970s Australian sports car.
Pics via MotorKlassik

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Rob Luck said...

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We could also supply you some more detailed information about these cars and some pretty exciting examples...e.g. our Modern Retro version that was clocked 0-100km/h in 3.5 secs and 300km/h top end. Regards
Rob Luck