Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Bee☆R D1GP R34

This R34 Skyline is typical of the work of Japanese tuners Bee☆R; beneath the signature yellow paintwork and aero kit thrums an RB26 with a vast HKS turbo, providing over 500bhp. The usual competition ingredients can be found within: Brembo brakes, Work alloys, Bride seats... but it's in the details that Bee☆R are renowned for standing out. There are Lexan canards on the rear wing, bespoke carbon-fibre door-cards, twin calipers on the rear brakes to aid drift manoeuvres - a quality piece of kit, in which form is just as important as function.
Remember the old mantra of 'race on Sunday, sell on Monday'? This is what it means today. Click here for more.

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