Friday, 17 February 2012

Bagged CR-Z

The Honda CR-Z is one of those brilliant ideas that mankind is blessed with occasionally. It fulfils two key criteria: to act as the spiritual successor to the iconic CRX, and to be a hybrid that is both relatively inexpensive and cool (rather than being wanky and pious like, say, the Prius). So it's sporty and green, small, neat, fun, stylish and credible. There's no downside.
All of this means that it lends itself well to aftermarket tuning as well. (Far more than, er, the Prius.) As you can see, the combination of a glacier-white CR-Z, an airbag suspension setup and the right set of wheels looks, to use an overwrought cliché, awesome.
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tarmac said...

Those twin central exhausts make it too.

juice said...

Yeah, they look just right, don't they? Nice touch.