Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Al-Ain Class Motors

It's a truism to say that folk in Dubai like supercars. But where do they get them all from? Well, a fair whack of them roll through the doors of Al-Ain Class Motors. Owner Abdullah Al Ketbi has a fairly open and honest remit for his moneyed clientele: "Think of a car - any car in the world. I can get it for you. Price doesn't matter. You want it, I'll find it. Then you can buy it from me. And drive." And if you can't be bothered to think of something for him to find, there's a wealth of supercars right there in the showroom; you could choose to drive home in a Ferrari FF, Saleen S7, Lamborghini Reventón, C63 AMG Black, Versace edition Murciélago... the list is near-endless; there's £80m-worth of cars in stock at any one time. The dealership employs five full-time car washers, and two people just to manoeuvre and park the stock.
Impressed? Just wait until they move to their new premises - they're more than double the size...
Click here for more. Pics via Top Gear.

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