Monday, 27 February 2012


Modifying a Nissan GT-R to this kind of level is a bold move. They're a relatively cheap alternative to, say, a Porsche 911 in terms of power-per-pound, but they're not that cheap. The fact that they've been precision-designed for the pedants of the Gran Turismo generation makes it all the more risky.
...but New Jersey's 66MVP know what they're up to. Their company demo GT-R sits closer to the race-track thanks to KW coilovers; combined with the sticky 20" rubber that wraps those Advan wheels, things are extremely composed in the corners. Matte black may be increasingly common these days, but this demonstrates how it's done properly, complemented by that blood red powder-coating. Engine work? Well, you don't want to get too silly, given the extraordinary level of detail employed by Nissan's cyberboffins; a Greddy catback system and beefed-up intercoolers are enough to add a little extra bite without messing things up.
Brilliantly, all of this is backed up by your friendly Nissan dealer: you can get 66MVP to upgrade your GT-R to this spec and still keep your warranty. If that's not faith in the modifier's art, I don't know what is.
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