Wednesday, 11 January 2012

The V8 Ferraris

The 458 Italia represents an interesting turning point for Ferrari; traditionally operating on a tiered model system with the V8-powered cars acting as 'entry-level' junior supercars, the 458 has hopped up a few rungs. It's a (comparatively) small, mid-engined, V8-powered Ferrari... but it's also the jewel of the fleet, offering unprecedented performance. It'd make mincemeat of an F40.

Fans of Evo will have seen their recent V8 group test but, if you missed it, click here to see the baby Ferraris compared side-by-side - 308, 348, F355, 360, F430 & 458, driven in typically spirited fashion to establish the evolutionary links that led Maranello to this outrageous Giallo Fly screamer. Beautifully written by Henry Catchpole and wonderfully photographed by James Lipman. You'll enjoy this.

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