Friday, 27 January 2012

The unusual Minis of Castagna Milano

Thought the Rolls-Royce Goodwood Mini was posh? Wait till you see what Castagna Milano have been up to...
Established as an atelier in 1849, Castagna Milano pride themselves on quality of craftsmanship, and insist that their unique creations are 'fuoriserie', not prototypes: quality one-offs for discerning clientele, for whom money is no object as the art endures way beyond the cost.
They create all kinds of fascinating pieces, from blank-sheet designs to modified Bentleys, but it's their recent range of custom Minis that's caught SuckSqueezeBangBlow's eye.

This first one is the Mini WoodyTender - a maritime-inspired open tourer for the Riviera playboy. It features marine leather and teak panelling. Can easily be operated in deck shoes or with a Ralph Lauren sweater knotted about the shoulders.

This is the Mini WoodyClubman. Perfect for carting your kids around the family estate. Maybe a bit plush for bringing the dog, though.

And here's the Mini CrossUp. Vastly extended to create a utilitarian drop-gate pick-up bed for hauling your fancy wines back from the vineyard, but with an interior trimmed so opulently that you'll almost forget you're carrying a load.

There are many other Minis in the portfolio, and they're doing a lot of characterful work with Fiat 500s too - click here to see more.

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