Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Suzuki Regina

We should all be encouraging cars like this. They'll perpetuate the future of our high-octane hobby.
The Suzuki Regina, a compact city-car concept, produces just 70g/km of CO2, and still allows people to drive a car with a proper petrol engine rather than some horrid electric Moulinex. Its lightness - just 730kg - is kind of gobsmacking in a modern context (although it really shouldn't be; car manufacturers en masse need to employ more Colin Chapman thinking), and it's this plus the Regina's advanced aerodynamics that lead to the impressive CO2 figure. Factor in a funky-fresh design with heavily-lidded eyes and a rear three-quarter that looks weirdly like a Citroën DS, and you have pretty much the perfect urban runabout. More of this kind of thing, please.
Pics via Autoblog.

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