Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Sierra Sapphire RS Cosworth

The Sapphire Cosworth was never treated with the reverence of its three-door predecessor; while the hatchback had the kudos of being a race-bred special, the later saloon was generally regarded as more of a reworked family car, uprated solely to use up the remaining YB engines Ford had bought en masse from Cosworth. As a result, most of the 3-doors you see today are either concours or Touring Car-spec, while Sapphires tend to be unceremoniously adorned with massive blingin' rims, drainpipe exhausts and look-at-me atmospheric dump valves. (Well, those that remain, that is; many have been pillaged for their engines.) This is a shame as it was a genuinely capable and impressive concept, as sporting as it was well-equipped, and tough with it.
So it's unusual to see one that's totally bone-stock. 4Star Classics have recently added such a car to their inventory though, proving that the idea of a standard Saff Cossie in 2012 isn't totally pie-in-the-sky. £7500 doesn't seem unreasonable for a 150mph luxury saloon, does it?
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